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Current metered and monitored


Now available  $AU199.00 plus GST

Also Now available in 32Amp($495.00 Plus gst)



Our new current metered and monitored PDU module

What's so special about this product!

For a very competitive price you can add this module to any of our PDU's, giving you complete flexibility in your PDU socket configurations.  This allows you to have an installation with various PDU configurations and provide the same front end metering and monitoring for each PDU.

Here's an even better option! You can retrofit this module with any other vendors basic PDU, mix and match with Rackpower or other vendor PDU's and be able to monitor them all via the built in web interface or via SNMP.

That means in an existing installation there is no need to unistall the existing PDU, disconnect and re-route power cables causing excessive downtime.  Installing the module is as simple as unplugging the lead of the existing PDU and plugging it into the PDU module.  That quick.

...and there's more, just check out these features.

  • Built-in web server manager for real time monitoring of the current consumption of the PDU.
  • Built-in true RMS current meter.
  • Easy setup using management software. IP address can be read directly from PDU.
  • Audible alarm when the power consumption goes over the the user defined current thresholds.
  • Send and email when the power consumption exceeds the trigger value of warning or overload current.
  • PDU management utility can monitor a large mount of PDU's at the same time.
  • SNMP support for monitoring my the NMS. MIB information provided.
  • Additional protection provided by the circuit breaker.
  • Group management of a large amount of PDU's.
  • Power consumption chart for daily monthly or the user-defined period report.
  • Current condition of all PDU's can be monitored from one screen. 
  • Events can be logged and exported to CSV file.
  • Web interface allows interegation of the PDU from any PC on the network. 


    Connector layout at rear of unit of 15A Model